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Drone Videography


Drones have revolutionized the way moments can be captured and shared. Whereas just a few years ago the only options for aerial photography were hiring a plane or helicopter, today you can get an aerial perspective for a few hundred dollars. With drone technology where it is now, high definition footage of any occasion can be obtained at a very reasonable price. The accessibility to drone photography has brought us into the future of event planning where even the smallest gatherings can be turned into great


Aerial photography is the perfect way to make your fantasy wedding video a reality. Capture breathtaking shots of your wedding venue from above and get creative with the way your reception is filmed. Show off all the best aspects of your unforgettable day without worrying about where you should have your photographer set up.


Using drone footage to create amazing marketing and event recap videos is the next big thing! Festivals and concerts are usually bigger events that take a lot of planning to run smoothly. Drone photography is the perfect tool to avoid your hard work going unnoticed. With an aerial perspective event planners can now show off event locations, crowds of people and their set up like never before.

Real Estate

Aerial photography is currently the best way to showcase the selling points of a home or building, and drones offer a cheaper and more convenient alternative to helicopters and planes. Drones are the next step in high-end real estate sales and agencies who are quick to adopt them will receive a cutting edge advantage over their competition.


Monitor and track progress from the sky with detailed aerial photos. We capture images from various altitudes, distances, and directions to give you the full picture of your project. Get updates on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to understand how your project is progressing.

Tech Knowledge Media captures aerial photographs on a monthly or custom basis to provide progress updates to the development team and investors.

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